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My Story... 

Eat. Sleep. Create. Repeat… has pretty much been my motto since I could remember but even more-so now that discovered my latest creative outlet, decorating cakes, in 2009!

In my little boutique cake shop, located in the GTA, we design, create and construct beautiful creations for all special occasions, but more specifically, weddings and showers. 


As a twenty-something year old girly-girl (whoops... thirty now!) with an interest in all things beautiful, I’ve really found a sense of peace and self-discovery in my work. I should take that back… it’s not ‘work’ when I truly enjoy each and every moment of it.


Something that started as a small interest has turned into something so grand and I have my family, friends and, of course, my many returning clients to thank for this.


The best part of this- making people smile. It's simply the most humbling feeling. The gratitude I feel when I make a client happy over something so small (or perhaps 5 tiers tall) is the best feeling of all.

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